Visualise your estate through your browser
Insite360 brings you 3D, scanned data through any browser. The platform allows access to a high quality 360° image as well as to an underlying Point Cloud scan for taking accurate measurements. Insite360 creates a digital twin that allows you to explore and interact with your indoor and outdoor spaces without having to leave your office. Insite360 is built on software supplied by our partner NavVis.
Insite360 can be operated in many business situations, supporting Facilities Management and Utility Operation and Maintenance, providing a valuable tool for Health and Safety, Compliance and training. The tool provides:
  • A collaborative platform that enables remote access to buildings with the ability to share information with others
  • The ability to plan work on a site, through the measurement application
  • The ability to tag key areas, assets or Points of Interest
  • A planning or training aid